Reading Homework (Tarea)

Reading homework is for students to read 20 minutes a night.

The purpose of this homework is:

  • to foster a love of reading
  • to build stamina, fluency and vocabulary in an authentic way

The following are acceptable formats:

  • reading independently
  • reading with a friend
  • listening to an audiobook in the car
  • listening to an adult read out loud
  • any other way books can enter brains

Students may read:

  • books of any genre
  • magazines
  • Graphic novels/comics/manga
  • song lyrics
  • raz-kids ebooks
  • tumblebooks online
  • kindle books

At this time, I will not require a reading log.

Instead, a time will be set aside each Friday for "home reading challenge", during which time, students may earn challenge points/extra credit if they share evidence of having enjoyed and engaged in reading at home during the week. 

Evidence might be something like:

  • verbally telling the class about their reading
  • create a drawing depicting a scene or character in a book they are currently reading or have read
  • write a book recommendation (or disrecommendation) to post in the classroom
  • a list of questions they asked about the book, before, during or after their reading.
  • a list of interesting/challenging words they found while reading.
  • make a book trailer or youtube type video discussing the book they are reading. 
  • picture of them reading
  • attendance at any reading/book related event (library events, book signings, author/speaker events)
  • etc (kids and parents may have other great ideas)